Airfield charges


Strathaven Airfield Ltd is a not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee. But we still have to charge airfield users!


Our fees are reviewed every year, and apply from April 1st. The policy is that they will be increased annually in line with inflation and we will add £5 per month to the three-axis rates until they are twice the weightshift rates.


We charge the same amount for each aircraft type, regardless of size.


However, there are several types of aircraft that are not regarded as being particularly suitable for Strathaven's hangars and runways. If you are thinking of basing an aircraft here, please have a chat first before committing yourself to any purchase.



The 2018/19 rates are:


Weightshift microlights:     £131.50 per month


Three-axis aircraft:            £204.50 per month


Three-axis wings folded:   £131.50 per month


Aircraft trailers (empty,

if aircraft in the hangar):      £50 per month


Annual club membership, mandatory for every based pilot, is £250 per annum, due on April 1st.

Pilots joining after June 1st pay £25 per month pro-rata to the following April 1st..


Visitor fees:


Visitor landing fees are £5 for a single visit, or £10 for unlimited landings per day.


Visitor hangarage, per night: weightshift and wings-folded, £10 per night, three -axis £15 per night


Visitor hangarage: per month: three-axis £240 (including temporary airfield user fee), weightshift £175


Outdoor trailer parking: free (while aircraft based temporarily at Strathaven)




You can view our hangarage licence agreement here.


Our membership form is here.


Strathaven Airfield Ltd banks with the Royal Bank of Scotland, Strathaven.


Sort code: 83-27-34        Account number: 00 63 44 52