Flash 2 Alpha Flexwing Microlight
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Ikarus C42 Fixed Wing Microlite
Operated by The Scottish Flying Club

fly a hovercraft from 99 at Strathaven Airfield fly a C42 Ikarus at Strathaven Airfield from 99 fly a microlight at Strathaven Airfield from 99 with Microlight Scotland

Strathaven Airfield, owned and operated by The Scottish Flying Club, is located just south of Glasgow and east of Prestwick, not far from East Kilbride. It is the oldest non-military airfield in west/central Scotland and has three grass runways, the longest of which is 09/27 at 530m.

The airfield is home to mostly microlights with training on both three-axis/fixed with SportFlight Scotland and weightshift/flexwing aircraft available through Microlight Scotland.

We also teach people how to fly hovercrafts for fun with Hovercraft Scotland.

The airfield is also used by a number of paramotor pilots, aeromodellers and the local Air Cadets.

We have a club house where we serve teas and coffee, a 9,000sq ft hanger and a new one that will be finished this summer. Bookings for spaces are being taken now, please call Colin on 0797 997 1301.

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